Friday, October 19, 2012

Scene 7 & Scene 8

Scene 7  
River: (looking worried) Doctor? What did you find out?  
Jack: (since the Doctor doesn't react) She gave us an answer, but she also said that we'd need the question to understand it.  
Amy: If she said 42, I'll... No... I don't know how I'd react...  
Jenny: She only said "lost faith".
Rory: "Lost faith." That'S it? That's all she said?! Amy, that's all you said?!  
Amy: (looking as blank as the Doctor) I don't remember it... It's like someone took away half an hour of my life. When you stepped out of the TARDIS it was still there, now it's gone... it just vanished. How's that possible?  
River: I'm sure there's a rational explanation. Isn't there, Doctor?  
The Doctor doesn't react.
Rory: Well that's just great... The Doctor's out... Amy's gone weird, too... it's up to us now.  
Jack: Right. Lost faith... Someone's got an idea?  
No one answers. Everyone looks to the floor. 
The Doctor steps to the console and pushes several buttons and leavers. The TARDIS stats roaring and takes off gently.

Scene 8 
They land. The Doctor steps out, alone.
Doctor: I am so sorry. I really am... So, so sorry...  
Amy: (trying to follow him) Wha-  
River: (holding her back) Don't. Leave him to himself.  
Jacl: (ignoring River's advice, following the Doctor) Doctor, I put the recording of the hub's security camera on your screen. You might want to see this. It's about Amy.  
Amy: What is about me?!  
Rory: Come and look at the screen.  
Everyone except the Doctor gathers around the screen. The Teselecta takes Amy's shape.The shape she had when she waited on Appalapochia, in the Red Waterfall Facility. 
The Doctor approaches.
Jenny: What does that mean? Is it showing us the future?
Rory: No, it's the past.
Jenny: But she looks much older!  
Doctor: She got trapped in an alien hospital where she grew older with increased speed. We had some problems rescuing her. It's complicated and lng to explain.  
Jack: So this means she'S in there twice. Once as a child and once as... No offense, but... as an old woman.
Amy: (with a blank stare) I lost faith. I thought you had abandoned me. I thought you wouldn't ever come back. (looking at Rory) Either of you.  
Everyone looks at Amy, then at the Doctor, then at Amy again.  
Amy: It shoud've been obvious to us - or at least to me. I feel like a fool for not thinking of it earlier.
Jenny: One question left... (everyone looks at her) Where are we and why are we here?
Rory: (looking at Jenny, then to the door, walks towards it) Hello. Er... you are?  
Off voice: Sparrow. Sally Sparrow. And who are you and what are you doing in the Doctor's phone box? Rory: I'm... I was jst... Sorry, how come you know the Doctor?
Doctor: (Off) She saved me and Martha from the Weeping Angels. Without her and her friend, I wouldn't have managed to deal with them. They saved the world.  
Sally: Who's talking there?  
Doctor: (stepping outside) Hello.  
Sally: You said before... That you were sorry... But why? Who are you?
Rory: He'S the Doctor. I thought you know him?  
Doctor: I look a bit different now than I did back then...  
Amy: But... I mean, no offense, but what's she got to do with our problem?!  
Doctor: You were scared, right? You hated me because I left you there, all alone with nothing but this easter egg, didn't you?  
Sally: (looking at the floor, ashamed) Yes... But I hated you mainly because you never came back. I would have loved to meet you again... I mean I was inside a wooden box that's bigger on the inside and it vanished around me. You don't simply see such a thing and live on like nothing happened...

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Scene 6

The door opens. Amelia looks at them.
Amelia: Hello Doctor.
Jack: I take it we've been expected.
Amelia: Jack, Jenny. Nice to meet you.
Jenny: She knows us?!
Doctor: How do you know their names.
Amelia: He told me you were coming. He came to me and he said you'd come today, at 7pm. You're late by the way. He told me you'd be with a man called Jack and a blonde girl called Jenny. He said you'd need an answer, but you'd have to figure out the question to understand it.
Jack: (to the Doctor) Could it be that your future self was trying to help us?
Doctor: I don't know. Maybe... (looking sceptic) Must be...
Jenny: Why don't we ask her? (to Amelia) Who told you all this?
Amelia: He did.
Doctor: She doesn't know. Whoever it was, must have planted the information in her mind and wiped himself out of it.
Amelia: He told me you would assume this.
Jenny: This is starting to get creepy...
Jack: She said "assume". Does that mean you're wrong?
Doctor: I think it's just to make me wonder. It can't have been otherwise. You said I'd have to figure out the question to understand the answer. So I guess, you're going to give me that answer. Am I right?
Amelia: Yes.
Doctor: So what is the answer?
Amelia: Lost faith.
Jenny: What's that supposed to mean?
Amelia: You'll need to figure out the question to understand the answer.
Doctor: We should go back to the TARDIS. Thank you Amelia. Come on!
They leave Amelia's home an get back into the TARDIS.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Scene 5

In Amelia's garden.
Jack: Doctor. Who's Mels?
Doctor: Melody Pond. Amy's and Rory's daughter. It's River Song. She had to hide, give away her true name would have killed her... - and me.
Jenny: So we're gonna walk in there and ask... what?
Jack: Good point. What is it we need to know? We dont't even know what to ask!
Doctor: Don't worry, I know what I'm doing.
They reach the door.
Doctor: (pointing his sonic screwdriver on the lock) There's something I'm missing... But what?
They step inside.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Scene 4

Jack: (to Jenny) Well... The Doctor is a Timelord... Just as you are! They have a little trick... When a Timelord is about to die, he can just change his body... as if he was being reborn... The memories stay the same, but except that, everything changes...
Jenny : That's why you look different now?
Doctor : Yes...
Jenny : But I still don't know what it has to do with the fall of the eleventh...
Jack : You saw the faces of the Teselecta when it looked like the incarnations of the Doctor... Remember how many there were.
Jenny : Closing her eyes to remember) Ten!
Doctor : Which means... ?
Jenny : (scared) You're the eleventh?!
Doctor : Apparently I am...
Amy : If you die... again... for the third time since I know you... I'm gonna be very cross!
Jenny : Three times?!
River : Don't ask... He was persuaded that it was the only way to save the universe...
Doctor : And I would do it again anytime! My life isn't more important than the continuing existence of the whole universe!
River : You see? And right now you're wrong! The universe was close to its end many times since you started travelling and everytime you saved it! If you wouldn't have been there, none of us would have been born!
Doctor : Who knows? Maybe none of these things would've happened if I'd just died all those years ago, instead of regenerating!
Amy : And prevent my child's birth?!
Rory : (correcting her) Our child...
Amy : However - she would never have been born! She's your wife! You can't want your wife not to exist!
River : Don't put him under pressure mother, he has so many decisions to make...
Dcotor : (speechless) River... Don't...
Jack : You're supposed to say thanks...
Doctor : Thank you, River. Of course I don't want you to vanish...
River : I know... Don't worry about that... (smiles softly)
Amy : Whatever it takes! We're gonna find a way to save you. You don't need to sacrifice yourself. We're with you. You're not alone.
Rory : Remember when I slapped you because you said my girlfriend wasn't more important than the whole universe? 
Doctor : (hesitating, taking a step back) Yes...
Rory : I don't want to slap you again. So don't make me.
Amy : (to the Doctor) You said what?
Rory : Don't worry, he just wanted to make sure I was myself and not that shooting plastic roman...
Jack : (ironic) How romantic! Look, this won't help us forward... We need to find out what this all means...
Doctor : (out of nowhere) River!!
River : (surprised) What is it?
Doctor : When I first met you, you told me, last time you saw me, I had a new suit and new haircut... Since it can't be this suit and haircut, that must mean I'm gonna get away with it!
River : But... (worried) Time can be rewritten... And why can't it be this suit and haircut?
Doctor : But that must happen! I can't tell you why, you mustn't know...
River : Of course... I know... Spoilers...
Amy : Now that's a first... The Doctor knows and you don't... Though it concerns you two...It's kind of weird actually... Isn't it?
Rory, River and the Doctor nod in approval.
Doctor : (mumbling under his breath) I'd prefer not to know...
River : What did you say?
Doctor : That day... I took your diary because I was curious, you told me I was not allowed to see it... I understand it now... You loved me and you didn't want me to know what was going to happen to me...
River : Yes... It's not always positive... But knowing and not being allowed to tell and not being able to change it... That's the worst suffering in the world...
Doctor nods sadly.
Jenny : So you're not gonna die. But we still need to find out what's going on...
Doctor : Right! So what do we do?
Amy : First we need to know what I had in common with all those people... with... you... (looking at the Doctor)
Jenny : Right! The Teselecta took your shapes too...
Doctor : But I can't cross my own timeline and I really can't figure out what it might be...
Amy : So I can't cross my own timeline either... Can I?
Doctor : No you can't - But we can! You just need to stay inside the TARDIS... But this time you do as I say!
Amy : What happens if I cross my own timeline? I met my 7year old self when I got out of the Pandorica... Nothing happened...
Doctor : That's because the universe was already collapsing...It couldn't have collapsed more... If you meet yourself, you create a paradox and if you touch yourself... I'd rather not be you...
Amy : (scared) I think I'm gonna stay inside the TARDIS...
Rory : I'm gonna stay with you... In case I'm at your house when the Doctor shows up...
Amy : But then River needs to stay in too... (seeing the Doctor's confusion) Remember Mels?
Doctor : Of course! So it's gonna be me Jack and Jenny... Let's go!
The three of them get out of the TARDIS.

Scene 3

Jack : (worried) Come on, it's over here... But beware ; you might be a bit surprised...
They get down to the cellar and find a half-burnt Rose Tyler.
Doctor : Oh my god! How can she be here? (points his sonic on her)
Jack : It's not her. It said there was a problem with the interface...
The creature switches appearences and looks now like Donna Noble.

Amy : (realizing who it is, approaching and looking in the eye) Oh my god! We nearly burnt them!
Jenny : You did this?!
River : The Doctor made us think it was him, he died and a Timelord must be burnt when dead...
Jenny : (to the Doctor) So you nearly killed them... On purpose?!
Doctor : Of course not! There must've been something wrong with the Teselecta... it shouldn't have been damaged...
The ship's appearence changes again, this time it looks like Rassilon.
Doctor : Who did it look like before I came?
Jack : We've got records, I'll show you.
They watch the records of the camera in fast forward : the ship changed from the 10 previous Doctors (in disorder), through Martha, Mickey, the Master to Rose Tyler.
Doctor : It's related with me... Those are all persons I know...
While he turns around, the ship turns into Wilfred Mott.
Amy : Who are all those people?
Doctor : Mostly me... And some former friends...
Rory : (with some disgust) Former...? Why former? What happened to them?
Doctor : Well... amnesia... love... parallel world...
Rory : Waht about the insane looking one?
Doctor : That was the Master... a Timelord... He's always been trying to fight me... He's now locked up in the Time war with the others of my species...
River : So... something with you... but what?
Jack : If only we knew...
Rory : But... (pointing to the Teselecta) They should know... shouldn't they?
Jenny : It said, only the Doctor would know. It said it had something to do with a question...
Doctor : (alarmed) What kind of a question?
Ship : (looking like the young Amelia) The oldest question. The question that is never to be answered, hidden in plain sight. The question of the Universe...

Doctor : (resigned, whispering) Doctor who...
Amy & Rory : What?
Jack : Doctor, what does it mean?
Doctor : Something bad... Something really devastating... A question so old, no one remembers the answer... (to the ship) But how could it affect you?
Ship : (looking like Craig Owens) We don't know... Only the Doctor knows...
Doctor : Don't you have any records of me related to that question?
Ship : We don't have any access to our records anymore... The only thing we know and the reason why we're here is that it has to be answered. We don't know by whom or when exactly... But it needs an answer... It's the only way to prevent what will happen...
Amy : Why? What will happen?
Doctor : I have to admit... I don't know... This is getting usual... I don't like the feeling...
Ship : (Canton Everett Delaware the 3rd) Something will happen that is going to change everything... We don't know if into good or bad... But it will change... You need to do something!
Rory: By "change everything" you mean the turn of things... or what?
Ship : Yes... People will never have been born, humans could ceise to exist... Anything could happen...
River : The Doctor could be cancelled, couldn't he?
Ship : It is certain that the Doctor would not exist in this new universe.
Jenny : So we need to stop it!
Amy : I think we all agree over that point...
Rory : But how?
River : First we need to find out why the ship takes the appearences of all these people...
Jack : Well... What do they have in common except their meeting the Doctor?
Amy : I guess this question is harder to answer than it might seem... But at least we have something to work with (the others look at her confused) Me. I was in it... We only need to know what my 7year-old self has in common with these people...
Doctor : Right! But I think it's not really going to help...
Teselecta turns into Dorium Moldova.
Ship : Doctor... Can't you figure it out? (Something breaks and explodes inside the ship) Sorry we lost control for a moment... What just happened?
Doctor : (stopping Amy from saying something) Nothing! There was just an explosion... (looking at Amy as if he wanted to say that they shouldn't talk about it) So! Everybody in the TARDIS! We've got some work to do!
Rory : (once out of reach of the Teselecta) Doctor, what's going on? Do we have a clue?
Doctor : Dorium himself told me what the question was... He spoke of the fall of the eleventh... I think I know the key, but I need to know something else first!
Jenny : Fall of the eleventh? What's that supposed to mean?
Jack : You should understand it... (to the Doctor) Shouldn't she?
Doctor : (looking distracted while opening the TARDIS-door) Not necessarily... Nobody told her... Regeneration is in the genes, but not the knowledge about it...
They go inside the TARDIS.

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Scene 2

Jenny : (amazed) It's bigger on the inside!
They take off.
Jack : (hesitating, to the Doctor) Doctor... I read the records... we thought you died... How come you're alive?
Doctor : I'm always alive. (smirks) But... if you thought that ; why did you make me come here?
Jack : We found traces of TARDIS activity... so we thought we'd claim some answers from the pilot.
Jenny : (to River) Who are you and why can you fly the TARDIS?
River : He thought his wife might want to know how to fly his ship.
Jenny : His wife?! So you're my stepmother!
River : (to Amy) Mother!
Amy : Can't you just call me Amy? What is it?
Jenny : (confused) But she's younger than you!
Amy : (as if it should be obvious to her) Time travel! So... what's going on?
River : (to Amy) Could you tell her that I'm not her stepmother? (to Jenny) You're just a clone!
Amy : No! I'm already the Doctor's mother in law! I'm not your grandmother! I'm only 24!
Rory : (to Amy) Calm down Amy. It's okay. She's a sort of clone of the Doctor's. She's not your grand-daughter.
Doctor : Hey! We've been there already! She's still a living being! Don't call her clone, that's rude!
They land at the Torchwood base.

Scene 1

---(this picture actually IS form september 1993 =D )

River : So, she's just a sort of clone?
Doctor : ... Sort of... yes... (to Jack) How did you know I was here - would be here?
Jack : My team built an attraction field, to attract your TARDIS... but something went wrong with the coordinates.
Doctor : See Amy? There's always a reason for me being somewhere... Wait - Why did you make me come here and why is Jenny with you?
Jack : I don't really know... One day she just appeared... and since she thought I was a soldier, she followed me while I was running after some alien...
Jenny : (smiling widely) It was an awful lot of running since we last met, Dad...
Doctor : And why am I here?
Jenny : (sorry) That alien... it asked us to get you... It said you were the only person that could help him...
Doctor : But who -
River : (interrupts him) Show me!
Jack : (unsure) Doctor ... can you take us to the base?
River : (before the Doctror can say a thing) I can!
Everyone gets inside the TARDIS.


TARDIS lands on the 30th of september 1993 in Berlin. 
Door opens : Amy, Rory, River and Doctor step out (in that order).
Amy : (amazed) Where are we?
Rory : (points to what he sees behind her) Judging from that... I'd say... -
River : Berlin!
Doctor : (looking at the Brandenburg Gate) It's the 30th of September... Early 1990s...
Rory : (looks at a pile of newspapers) 1993.
Doctor : (turns around, surprised, sees the newspapers) Ah! Great day! 340,500 births, 153,000 deaths... Today a little girl is born, at 5:30am in the south of the country... she's going to become a famous translator... one of the best! And only because she wasn't satisfied with other people's work! She'll be married to the most famous lawyer in the whole world!She -
Amy : (interrupts him) So... Why are we here?
Doctor : Well... maybe... no... not a clue...
River : (ironic) The day he knows, he'll fall off a cliff...
Rory : (sees a blonde girl and a man in a coat running towards them) Doctor? Who are they?
The man and the girl are approaching, the girl is invisible to the Doctor, talking while running.
Girl : (disturbed) You sure it's him?
Man : 200%! Iknow him when I see him!
Doctor : Jack? (Girl becomes visible) ... Jenny?!
Jenny : (same intonation as the first time) Hallo Dad!
River : Who - Is - She?!

The Doctor's Name - 50th Anniversary Special

Cast :
The Doctor - Matt Smith
__________>- David Tennant
__________>- Christopher Eccleston
__________>- Paul McGann
__________>- Sylvester McCoy
__________>- Colin Baker
__________>- Peter Davison
__________>- Tom Baker
__________>- John Pertwee
__________>- Patrick Troughton
__________>- William Hartnell
Amelia Pond - Karen Gillan
___________>- Caitlin Blackwood
Rory Williams - Arthur Darvill
River Song - Alex Kingston
Captain Jack Harkness - John Barrowman
Jenny - Georgia Moffet
Rose Tyler >- Billie Piper
Dr Martha Jones >- Freema Agyemen
Mickey Smith >- Noel Clarke
Donna Noble >- Catherine Tate
Wilfred Mott >- Bernard Cribbins
Lady Christine De Souza >- Michelle Ryan
The Master >- John Simm
___________>- Derek Jacobi
___________>- Eric Roberts
___________>- Anthony Ainley
___________>- Geoffrey Beevers
___________>- Gordon Tipple
Rassilon >- Timothy Dalton
_________>- Richard Matthews
Sarah Jane Smith >- Elizabeth Sladen
Jackie Tyler >- Camille Coduri
Astrid Peth >- Kiley Minogue
Dalek Khan >- Nicholas Briggs (voice)
Craig Owens >- James Corden
Canton Everett Delaware the Third >- Mark Sheppard
...coming soon...
* > = Cameo appearence